A new lifestyle as “GOOD NATURE”
from Kyoto


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・Due to the hotel's amenity policy, we do not supply toothbrushes, hairbrushes, or shavers in the rooms.

・The entire facility is non-smoking and there is no designated smoking area.






Kitchen MarketShopping

For a comfortable, fun and healthy lifestyle.
Only GOOD NATURE STATION can provide you with the best items to choose from.

  • MARKETFresh food, processed food and wine

    MARKET sells certified organic agricultural products, processed foods and snacks, as well as healthy and earth-friendly foods grown locally in Kyoto. At "MAENIWA", the plaza in front of MARKET, a marché is held every day, so guests can always enjoy the excitement of shopping.

    Floor 1st Floor
    Hours 10:00~20:00
  • KITCHENNatural Deli

    KITCHEN in the center of the GOOD NATURE MARKET offers a menu using agricultural products and processed foods sold at the market, as well as a take-out menu. You can experience the cooking methods that bring out the best of the ingredients, and the delicious ways of tasting the seasonal ingredients that you can arrange at home.

    Floor 1st Floor
    Hours 10:00~20:00
  • RAUPatisseries & Chocolates

    ”Sweets Labo Brand" is a gathering place for patissiers with different personalities. This is a gallery-type pastry shop where you can enjoy viewing and purchasing the beautiful pastries made by these patissiers, one by one. We are aiming to create never-before-seen, one-of-a-kind pastries that you can taste with all five senses.

    Floor 1st Floor
    Hours 11:00~20:00
  • NEMOHAMOCosmetics & Toiletries

    This shop offers a selection of cosmetics and other items from the original "NEMOHAMO" cosmetic brand that will lead you to health and beauty. NEMOHAMO uses all the roots, leaves, and stems of plants without using any water or petroleum-derived ingredients, and is made entirely of natural ingredients. There are skin care items such as soap and lotion, and toiletry items such as shampoo and conditioner, and you can actually try out the products to see how they feel and smell. We also carry other select products related to health and beauty, such as Japanese essential oils from all over Japan, enzymes and proteins that promote inner care, and more.

    Floor 3rd Floor
    Hours 11:00〜19:30
    ※Friday, Saturday and the day before a holiday 11:00~20:00
  • KASOKEKICraft & Holistic Wear

    A shop that collects "good Japanese products" that are gentle on nature and comfortable to use. The shop introduces authentic Japanese crafts that suggest a beautiful way of life, as well as holistic wear that helps women become beautiful from the inside out, such as high-quality underwear. It's a place where you can find unique, one-of-a-kind products that you won't find anywhere else.

    Floor 3rd Floor
    Hours 11:00〜19:30
    ※Friday, Saturday and the day before a holiday 11:00~20:00