A new lifestyle as “GOOD NATURE”
from Kyoto


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・Due to the hotel's amenity policy, we do not supply toothbrushes, hairbrushes, or shavers in the rooms.

・The entire facility is non-smoking and there is no designated smoking area.






About WELL certificationWell

In August 2020,
We have acquired the "WELL Building Standard TM (WELL Certification)" with a Gold rating that environmentally and health-conscious buildings will be certified.
We are the first hotel in the world to receive the WELL Building Standard TM (WELL Certification v1) in the hotel version of the evaluation standard.


“GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO" is a hotel that embodies a lifestyle that pursues comfort in mind and body while also being environmentally friendly. To acquire this certification, we worked with IWBI(*), a public-interest corporation that maintains the certification system, and Obayashi Corporation, which designed and implemented the system, to develop an evaluation standard for the hotel version that includes more than 100 items.

  • ・Air conditioning systems to create a clean and safe space, a washroom environment, and sterilization and cleaning
  • ・The design of the guest rooms expresses Kyoto-like and Japanese characteristics.
  • ・The Great Green Wall, a reproduction of Kyoto's vegetation
  • ・Our proprietary "Comfortable Sleep Lighting System" is designed to help you sleep well and wake up
  • ・Original wellness programs

More than 60 items were evaluated, including the above, leading to the gold rating

*IWBI (International WELL Building Institute, PBC) A public company that operates, manages and maintains the WELL certification system (e.g., revising and updating the evaluation criteria).

About WELL Building Standard TM (WELL Certification)

It is the world's first building and indoor environmental assessment system focused on the health and comfort of the residents who live and work within the building, with particular emphasis on the physical aspects of the residents, which have been validated from a medical as well as an environmental engineering perspective.
There are two types of certification: v1 and v2. v1 evaluates the building and indoor environment in seven assessment areas (air, water, food, light, fitness, comfort, and mind) with 105 points in the seven domains of air, water, food, light, fitness, comfort, and mind, and awards platinum, gold, or silver certification depending on the level of points earned in the required and optional categories.
Since the start of certification in 2014, the program has spread to 62 countries around the world, especially in the United States, and interest in obtaining this certification is increasing in Japan as well.


Five items that received high marks for originality and commitment

  • Clean and safe space

    They were recognized for the implementation of proper ventilation systems to clean the air, a hand-washing environment to prevent the transmission of new coronavirus infections and other pathogens, and the maintenance of sanitizing cleaning practices and daily cleaning procedures to keep the space clean.


  • Beauty and Emotional Design

    The internal space of the hotel, including the guest rooms, is designed to be rooted in the local environment, expressing Japanese and Kyoto-like qualities. The hotel conforms to the local landscape regulations.


  • Plenty of space to enjoy the greenery and nature

    The courtyard, accessible to everyone, has a "large green wall" of Teikakazura trees that replicates the vegetation of Kyoto, and a "Karesansui" that replaces the water feature required for WELL certification, to create a space where guests can spend time surrounded by greenery and nature in Kyoto's most popular downtown, Shijo Kawaramachi.


  • Proprietary "Comfortable Sleep Lighting System

    We have introduced a proprietary lighting system in all rooms (patent pending) to help you sleep and wake up comfortably. The lighting environment before bedtime and just before waking up is designed to help guests fall asleep in a physiologically relaxed and improve their sense of alertness and sleep evaluation after waking up.


  • Wellness programs for highly unique guests.

    The hotel is highly regarded for its wellness programs such as meditation and other wellness programs and tours to experience the inside and outside of the hotel to touch “GOOD NATURE”, as well as the installation of original amenities to raise health awareness.


SDGs that apply to the property

  • 3.Health and Welfare for all
  • 4.Quality education for all
  • 6.Safe water and toilets for the world
  • 10.Let's end inequality among people and countries
  • 11.Building a city you can continue to live in
  • 12.Responsibility to create and use
  • 15.Protect the abundance of the land