A new lifestyle as “GOOD NATURE”
from Kyoto


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・Due to the hotel's amenity policy, we do not supply toothbrushes, hairbrushes, or shavers in the rooms.

・The entire facility is non-smoking and there is no designated smoking area.






Efforts for GOOD NATURESustainability

To be healthy and happy for body, mind, community, society and the planet.
Never overdo it, enjoy it and be comfortable.
We are working on the development of sustainable products and management of facilities.

“Good for people and nature.”

This is already important for us in the present day, as it should be.
However, I think a stoic approach to health and the environment is not the same as essential happiness.
What we need in the future is a lifestyle of taking in healthy and good things in our own way, while enjoying it, instead of putting up with it. This is a new way of thinking called "GOOD NATURE".
We are working on "BIOSTYLEPROJECT", which aims to realize a bright, environmentally friendly society where we can take in things that are good for people and the earth in our daily life, happily and without any impossibility.
We make use of the ancient wisdom of respecting nature and incorporating it into our lives, which has been rooted in Kyoto since ancient times, to propose comfortable and enjoyable products and services for both people and nature.

  • Local production for local consumption

    We collaborate with local producers of agricultural products, crafts, and processed foods, mainly in Kyoto, and sell their products in the hotel, use them for decoration, and occasionally take guests on harvesting tours to the producers' locations. We contribute to the creation of a sustainable society by practicing ethical consumption, using the wisdom that has been rooted in Kyoto since ancient times, which can be incorporated into our daily lives while respecting nature, as a hint for a more comfortable daily life. We are focusing our efforts on these initiatives.


  • Efforts to reduce plastic waste

    We are working on the issue of how to reduce the amount of plastic in packaging materials and containers for our products, including toiletries, under the theme of "Stylish and earth-friendly packaging materials”. Starting with plastic-free butterfly cups, bio-plastic washable cutlery and chopsticks, and muddlers made from recycled tree branches, we will continue to work on these products until eco-friendly packaging materials become the normal, even if it is a small action for the planet. The hotel has also changed its amenities to a minimum. Also, with a desire to "make a change in a hotel where disposable amenities are more common," we have reduced the number of amenities to the bare minimum, including the elimination of disposable plastic toothbrushes and hairbrushes.


  • Efforts to reduce food loss

    ”Food loss" is a term used to describe the fact that food made for human consumption is lost or thrown away, even though it is still edible. We aim to reduce such food loss by turning vegetable scraps into soup, salad and okara (bean curd refuse). Food waste is composted by a garbage disposal machine and returned to the farmers in Shiga Prefecture. The foodstuffs produced by these farmers are sold again in the hotel and used in the menu, etc., in order to work together with the local community to reduce food loss and revitalize the community.


  • Feeling the greenery and nature
    Sustainable living space

    The internal space of the hotel, including the guest rooms and the courtyard"NAKANIWA”, which were designed to provide comfort to both body and soul, are designed to be rooted in the earth's environment, expressing Japanese and Kyoto-like qualities. The courtyard, which is open to non-guests, features a "large green wall" of Teikakazura trees that replicates the vegetation of Kyoto, and a "Karesansui" that replaces the water feature required for WELL certification, creating a space where guests can spend time away from the noise of the city and surrounded by greenery and nature, even though it is located in Shijo Kawaramachi, Kyoto's most busy district.


  • Bring "GOOD NATURE" into your daily life!

    Our goal is to incorporate activities that contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society into our daily lives in a fun and easy way. The slogan "Be kind to the earth and be healthy" is a global issue that many people wish for, but at the same time it can have a somewhat stoic and confining image. That's why we think it's important to relax and enjoy the slogan in a natural way. And we hope that our experience here will be an opportunity to think about "GOOD NATURE" in our daily life.

    毎日の生活に、「GOOD NATURE」を