A new lifestyle as “GOOD NATURE”
from Kyoto


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“NATURE MEDITATION” to be released from the hustle and bustle

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Enhancing the Workings of Consciousness and Sharpening the five Senses

As the shift to a new normal lifestyle becomes a hot topic, meditation, which is said to be effective in reducing anxiety and stress, is attracting attention again.
Seven o’clock in the morning, gather at the lobby on the 4th floor filled with the dignified morning air, and start the original meditation experience of GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO by Mr. Tohryo Ito, the deputy chief priest of Ryosokuin, the pagoda of Kenninji Temple in Kyoto.

Walk slowly through the building with barefoot, which is filled with the texture and warmth of greenery and wood.
Face the plants and have a dialogue with yourself.
Close your eyes and relax while feeling the smells, sounds, and light around you.

Feelings and warmth from your hands and feet, faint noises, and the ever-changing light.
By paying attention to these trivial sensations that we usually don’t notice, we realize that we are fully utilizing our “five senses”.

Feel as you are, accept as you are.

We all tend to get caught up in the thoughts in our head rather than the sensations we feel with our “five senses”.
When our consciousness is occupied with negative emotions, we feel anxiety, regret, sadness, anger, etc., which are not actually there. Feel as you are and accept as you are.
In NATURE MEDITATION, you will be able to feel that comfort.

~A message from Tohryo Ito, Ryosokuin~

Meditation is the process of increasing the functioning of consciousness to attain spiritual enrichment and tranquility.
Zazen is a further step in meditation, to view the fusion of self and nature, and to dissolve the ego.
NATURE MEDITATION here is a gateway to that state of being.
We propose a time to regain the connection with nature.
The three G’s, Grounding, Generating, and (Self-)Growth, inspired by the word “Good,” will also be the keywords. Please join us in comfortable clothes.


This activity will be held on the morning of check-out day.

■Date & Time:
April : 4/1o(Sun.), 4/29(Fri.) 7:30~8:15
May  5/2 (Mon.) , 5/7 (Sat.) 7:30~8:15

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※Please note that the schedule is subject to change without notice.
※Reservations may be accepted at the front desk until 8:00 p.m. the day before, depending on availability.

■A shawl or muffler to keep warm in winter.
During meditation, please wear bare feet and take off your ornaments and watches.

■What to wear
There will be time for sitting meditation. Please wear comfortable clothes.

If you wish to participate barefoot, please refrain from wearing stockings.
Please refrain from wearing hoodies or anything that exposes your shoulders.

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