A new lifestyle as “GOOD NATURE”
from Kyoto


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・Due to the hotel's amenity policy, we do not supply toothbrushes, hairbrushes, or shavers in the rooms.

・The entire facility is non-smoking and there is no designated smoking area.






Meeting the real me while staring at the flickering flames

  • #Find Yourself
  • #Love your heart

Staring at the flames of a flickering fire is a great way to relax.

When you’re a little tired of life, work and daily life, it’s good to look at a “flame”.

The swaying flame is a flicker of 1/f of a flicker.

This ‘wavering of 1/f’ is the same as the original rhythm of human beings.

It is said to give us an instinctive sense of relief and comfort.


We just stare at the flame, not thinking about it, in a daze.


The swaying flame seems to be telling us something.

You are staring at the flame, but in fact, you are confronting yourself.

It will surely give you such a wonderful moment.

The courtyard on the 4th floor of the GOOD NATURE HOTEL is located in the heart of the city

It’s a special space where you can feel the silence as if you are in a forest.

Stare into the flame and face yourself.

To meet the “real me”.

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