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The beautiful world of fermentation, Japan’s world-renowned food culture

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Connect every day with the connection of life

Fermented foods produced from “koji mold”, which is unique to Japan, such as miso,

soy sauce and mirin, to sake, pickles and natto (fermented soybeans)

It has a long history that cannot be separated from our lives since ancient times.

At MARKET on the first floor of GOOD NATURE STATION,

The exhibition focuses on “Fermented Foods”, a traditional Japanese food culture.

This exhibit shows the process of fermentation and maturation of fermented foods

such as miso and pickled plums, which are actually prepared in a pot.

The “Kamoshidana” is a shelf of jars filled with fermented foods, arranged like a Buddhist mandala.

It’s like art with fermentation.

You can feel a sense of holiness, as if you can stand tall when you face them.



The Deep World of Fermentation


While the number of cells that make up the human body is in the tens of trillions.

It is said that there are about 100 trillion bacteria in our bodies.

In fact, we humans have more bacteria and fungi, more than our own body cells.

It coexists with viruses and other organisms.

In other words, human life is not independent as an individual.

It is the aggregate of lives that are kept alive by the connection of small lives.

Fermentation” is the profound world that supports Japanese food.

Why don’t you experience it at MARKET on the first floor of GOOD NATURE STATION.

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